Hello girls! Today I show you my latest low cost purchases that I have made in Primark, Mercadona and in several Chinese bazaars. The first product has fallen into mercadona, is the anticelulítico cold gel effector, price 6 €. It's cheap and pretty good the bad thing is that I only use it on very hot days, because it's really cold. Base vitaminada 5 in 1 delipus cosmetic, I think it was 3 € price, although the truth is that it is not a great thing. In a Chinese bazaar buy me a white enamel of yes love price 0.80 € Purple yesensy enamel price 0.90 € Transparent enamel yes love price 0.80 € Both enamels are also Chinese bazaars, you know they have a variety of colors. Vernis enamel € 1, is a very beautiful color that looks very good, it is also a bazaar. Trousers brand new expensive price (you are going to flip haha) € 5 because I buy them at the flea market, for that ridiculous price and are very good. Short Primark cowboys price € 13, I love them but when I get home and I tried them (I always take clothes by eye and sometimes I have to give it away because I do not look good that happens to me by vaga haha) because I realized that They have a hole that I do not like, come on, I can see the cuff, I'll have to put something on it. Hym sport shorts € 7.95, I love fluor colors this fashion if I'm going to wear it a lot. Tomorrow I show you the second part, what do you think of my low cost shopping? Author: MelyssaPG, blogger of beauty and cosmetics.

Shopping in Primark, Mercadona and Bazar.

Hello girls!
Today I show you my last low cost purchases that I have made in Primark, Mercadona and in several Chinese bazaars.
The first product has fallen into mercadona, it is Anti-cellulite cold gel effector b>, price € 6.

Author: MelyssaPG, beauty and cosmetics blogger

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